About Timothy Nilsson

  • Certified Medium, Healer
  • Spiritual Author

My name is Timothy Nilsson and working as a certified Medium and Healer. When i was a child i could communicate with spirits from the other side and guides from other dimensions. Spirituality, nature, healing and animals are my biggest passions. My biggest childhood dream was to become a Medium and Healer, and being able to help people through spiritual guidance and healing. I became a certified Medium and Healer in 2016 after studying for 2 years on Själens Oas in Gothenburg. I have also spent years in spiritual training on Själens Oas. In 2017, i have continued my studies in the profession, a master’s degree as Medium and Healer for 1 year in the same place. Through my life, i have had challenges that i have overcome, which i now understand was necessary. One of these was 10 years of daily bullying at school and in general. I now see the experiences as necessary and that by meeting the various obstacles in life, it has led to rich life experiences, a deeper understanding of other people, myself, and obtaining greater wisdom. I also know it is all just the beginning of a long journey!


“Knowledge has a beginning, but no end…”

Light and Love,


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